The We Can So You Can Foundation is a mission driven public charity funded in part by Appalachian Mountain Brewery and Farm To Flame food truck to support the communities it serves through investment in social-minded businesses engaged primarily in education, agriculture and renewable energy.


We strive to invest and empower the youth of today so that we have strong like minded leaders of tomorrow.


We focus on healing the food system thru educational programs for youth and investing in our Farm To Table movement.


We care about renewable energies and shrinking our foot print and we strive to establish long lasting, sustainable businesses at the start.


We support and revitalize communities and their lives thru giving back to those that are in need.


We support shared economy principles where we are all tied to the same dollar and to build strong communities.


We invest in like minded ideas, concepts and people to grow existing businesses and help create new companies.

Who do we support?

The best way to get involved with the We Can So You Can Foundation is to contact us with this form.